Friday, September 29, 2006

Portals Bits
Hello dear readers,
Blogger has been a pain lately so its been difficult to get in and update. I am hoping this will publish!

Good News! All pre-orders, with the exception of some Int'l, have been mailed!! I will work on the Int'l ordered today. They are a bit slower since each one has to be prosessed for postage individually.

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare when our server crashed in what was supposed to be a back up session. We lost the entire site but fortunately had pretty good back ups. Again, Hope was a life saver in battling blogger into submission and getting us back up again so quickly. Thank You!

We just got some rather exciting news for a new project. We are hammering out the details and will hopefully be able to post something in the next week.

Until then, we have plenty of Zines available still, so if you haven't ordered, go for it!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

burnin the midnight oil
As you can see by the time stamp on this post, I am up burning the midnight oil on issue #3. I just got news that Joleen broke her computer charger thingie and has been stuck all day not being able to work!! eeeep. I have been adding finishing touches to my layouts, drawing diagrams and trying to write a book review.. HELP!!! ( We ARE looking for writers!) This issue is full of eye candy too, check out this drool worthy piece by my friend and one of contributors, Denise.
My Dad is ready and eager to start production, I think he is nuts but I am sooo thankful that he is crazy about these technical things that I have no patience for.

Issues are selling quickly but we have one for you!! You can order HERE!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Off to bed...

In the publishing world, finishing up a publication to go off to the printer is known as "putting it to bed". Again, thanks to Ernesto and various other things, we are running a tad behind but I think we are going to make our deadline to put #3 to bed.

Normally about now I would be in panic state at the thought of being faced with the task of the production part. This is my absolute least favorite part of doing Portals. BUT, this time its a bit different because our fairy god-father (my Dad) set us up with a new printer! This printer not only prints MUCH faster than my existing one but its print duplex (both sides), collates, folds, staples and more! The test runs have been VERY favorable and we are actually looking forward to going to press.

Now that this lovely new website is up, I have updated the order page and issue #3 is ready for ordering. Woohoo!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!! Hopefully this new site will be much easier to navigate and update. Special thanks to Hope for her help in getting it all pretty and done!!