Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eye Candy has arrived!!

Great news!!
The printer is back in action and I have all the Eye Candy zines here! My daughter helped me stuff all envelopes last night so all I have to do is stick the mailing labels on them and stamps and they will be in the mail!
This is a huge sigh of relief for me and I now feel more free and motivated to finish up issue #5. Speaking of which, I still need more art for the gallery. Please visit the art submissions page for details and send yours in!!



Friday, April 13, 2007

checking in...
Thanks to those readers who have left comments and offered support and assistance. I am still trying to resolve all that has happened in my head.

Joleen has left Portals and as of today I have received nothing toward issue #5 or the Fat Books. I got a brief email saying she would mail all fat book art and money to me on Monday so I am hoping by the end of next week to have a more solid grasp of the fat book situation. I will be looking for fill ins to make it a nice fat book worth returning so if you are interested please email me so get on the list.

As for the future of Portals, honestly I am still trying to sort that out. We are awaiting a repair part for our printer to finish the run of Eye Candy Zines. They WILL be mailed as soon as humanly possible, I am already addressing envelopes so they can just be stuffed and dropped in the mail. I will fill ALL orders so go ahead and order if you are wanting it.

Issue #5 is still on the production table. I am missing Joleen's pieces and am trying to piece it together. I WILL finish it and have been receiving assistance from my friend Tracie Lyn in the layout department. Once it is ready to print I am confident we can get it turned out without a hitch (knock on wood!). Unfortunately I have no press date at this time. I still have not listed it for pre-orders so I feel "ok" doing this even though I know some of you have subscriptions that include issue #5. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, please email me to make other arrangements.

Beyond issue #5 is just a big question mark. I started this venture as a partnership and did not anticipate being in the position to handle it on my own with all that entails on top of being the best Mom I can be to my daughter. If I do proceed I do not think I can commit to a strict quarterly publication and may have to produce issues as I can and feel inspired. The whole look and flavor may change, it may be better, that remains to be seen. Due to my uncertainty, I will no longer be accepting subscriptions and will arrange partial refunds for those who have subscribed beyond issue #5 if they prefer.

Once again, I appreciate everyone's support and patience during this time of change. I know that the website is in need of an update and various other house keeping tasks. It is all I can do to keep my head above water and get the 2 outstanding issues handled.

On a final note, I wish to ask for our readers thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. My friend and regular contributor to Portals, Kara Klein was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. While her treatment is progressing smoothly and it was caught early, she will be experiencing some difficult times in this journey and I know she can use all the extra love and support we can send. I thank you all!!