Friday, September 08, 2006

Off to bed...

In the publishing world, finishing up a publication to go off to the printer is known as "putting it to bed". Again, thanks to Ernesto and various other things, we are running a tad behind but I think we are going to make our deadline to put #3 to bed.

Normally about now I would be in panic state at the thought of being faced with the task of the production part. This is my absolute least favorite part of doing Portals. BUT, this time its a bit different because our fairy god-father (my Dad) set us up with a new printer! This printer not only prints MUCH faster than my existing one but its print duplex (both sides), collates, folds, staples and more! The test runs have been VERY favorable and we are actually looking forward to going to press.

Now that this lovely new website is up, I have updated the order page and issue #3 is ready for ordering. Woohoo!


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