Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eye Candy and Portals #5

Another update notice from the pits of Portals central. I am hard at work on the Eye Candy Special issue to be distributed at ArtFest. For those of you who have asked, YES they will be available for purchase on our site as soon as we have a print date set. They WILL NOT mail until April when I return from ArtFest.

As for issue #5.. it is in progress. Joleen is going to be acting as the managing editor for this project for the first time since I am knee deep in managing Eye Candy and the masses of art pouring in.

Due to the fact that we were completely insane when we decided to publish 2 zines at one time AND try to maintain our regular lives with toddlers, we are pushing out the publication date for #5 by at least 2 weeks aiming to have it printed by the end of March so that I can bind and ship upon my return from WA. We appreciate your patience and support as we try to streamline our processes and continue to put out a product we are proud of.

Happy Arting!

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