Sunday, March 18, 2007

Important News for Issue #5
My heart is not actually completely full of joy right now. I am saddened and frustrated at the future of Portals or more directly the partnership that was Portals. Joleen has been undergoing a lot, the full extent of which I am not fully aware, and it has been decided to dissolve the partnership.

My mind is spinning right now with all that there is to do and my schedule. During the limited discussions that we have had Joleen agreed to finish up her half of Portals issue #5, however it now appears that circumstances are going to prevent that so the whole issue is in my lap with 10 days until ArtFest.

I really hate being in the situation of having to make excuses and be late but I am afraid that at this point it is inevitable. I am continuing to work on issue #5 (as we speak) and I am progressing fairly well, if a bit slower than usual. As you may know, I just got the special issue, Eye Candy, off and it is in production now. I still have to track down Joleen's half of the Portals #5 work and her contacts and do my best to fit this puzzle together. I just wanted to fill everyone in on the situation here and to apologize for the blip in the production schedule.

- heather



Blogger Emily said...
I hope everything is all right with Joleen...

Also, I think most people will understand a delay when there is something like this happening. Good luck!
8:00 PM  
Blogger Anna said...
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of all your troubles! I was only telling a friend - who's new to the world of zines - how much I enjoy Portals...
And I was going to buy a copy of Eye Candy, but I don't want to add to your stresses right now - shall I wait till after Art Fest? Will there be any copies left?
1:26 PM  
Blogger Deborah said...
It's ok. This is part of independent publishing. Just do what you can.
7:36 PM  
Blogger rani said...
Hang in there - you're doing your best and that's what counts. I appreciate it, and wish the best for you and also for Joleen.
10:51 PM  
Blogger oldflowers4me said...
ive just come by to say hello, and see whats happening over here, well sweet lady, take a deep breath now let it out and just think, ok,now all these beautiful people , really do understand, sometimes things just happen ,to all of us, so please just take your time,it will all work out in the end, love jo.
12:57 AM  

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