Thursday, September 20, 2007


As promised I posted a bunch of back issues on Etsy last night. There was a flurry of activity even as I was listing them. Eye Candy went quickly but I might have a few more stashed around some where. My studio is literally a pit right now. I am trying to get rid of stuff. I am tired of being disorganized and messy and cluttered in life and mind. There are still some available of all the other issues for the time being.
Also, I have decided to now offer all issues and future (?) issues thru my Etsy shop as it is easier for me to manage inventory and shipping with that tool in place.



Monday, September 17, 2007


For those of you Portals readers who were interested in Back Issues of PORTALS and EYE CANDY. The time has finally come. I know I promised this about a month ago but I. HAVE. BEEN. BUSY!! Wow.. school, work, Portals, life.. it sure adds up to conspire against your free time doesn't it?
Anyway, since PayPal doesn't appear to have any way to manage the quantity of items available and I can't get into the site fast enough to update I will be listing the Zines on MY PERSONAL ETSY shop. They will go live on the evening of Wednesday, September 19 to be fair to all. Quantities are extremely limited and I have no plans to reprint anything at this point so if you are missing something, do not delay.
As far as issue 6 goes, yes, I am way behind my "non-deadline". I am still in need of HOME related art, tutorials, articles, ideas!!! Help!!! PLEASE send stuff in so I can fill 'er up.

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